Artist’s statement:

I enjoy painting animals, landscapes, and people using a variety of mediums. I love to use vivid and bold colors to create art that deviates slightly from the predictable. At the same time, I also focus on the more subtle traits of my subjects, such as facial expressions, movements, and fine details. It is through this combination of qualities that I communicate my appreciation for the subjects that I capture on paper.



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Lia is an award winning artist and designer based in Texas.  She is well known for bold colorful animal paintings using pastel. She enjoys creating art using a variety of media with pastel, colored pencils, pen, and ink, and oil. Lia creates her works from sketches and or reference photos she has taken or has been commissioned to render. She finds great pleasure in the joy her commissioned pieces bring to  everyone.






Who are your artistic influences?

I have a very long list : Burne Hogarth, Carl Larsson, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Edgar Degas, Johannes Itten, Johannes Vermeer, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Norman Rockwell, Rapheal Sanzio, Sir George Clausen and Fritz Eichenberg.

Can I add you as a source?
Link back here. No Alternations.

Copyright Acknowledgment. Please acknowledge my authorship of the artwork and images.

Is Pastel chalk?

There is a difference between Chalk Pastel and Colored Chalk. Pastel is pure powdered pigment contain methyicellulose (it was introduced in 20th century) and a non-greasy binder. Colored Chalk is a limestone substance impregnated with dyes. Dyed Chalk is extremely affordable due to very low pigment. Modern Pastel is the most permanent of all media.

Have you tried fixatives?

I have tried fixatives before. Whether to use fixative or not remains debatable. It does change the colors. I don't use it anymore.

You seem to use dry pastel all the time. Have you tried to paint with oil pastels?

Yes, I used oil pastel a few times. Oil pastel is a cousin of dry pastel. There are a few advantages of oil pastel to use is they never dry completely, so they’re easy to work with, and they are safer than soft pastel due to there is no risk of breathing in dust. I have done very few painting with oil pastel and colored pencil together. Combining oil pastel with oil may change over time. They should be painted for the top layer only. Remember, oil pastels never dry completely. Oil pastels can be painted over acrylic or watercolor. Like dry pastel, oil pastel is pure powdered pigments except gum binder. The pigments in oil pastels are composed of a non-drying oil, and wax binder. I have never used a fixative on oil pastel before. I am told it is more difficult to protect with fixative.

Do you do commissions?

If you would like to inquire about any project, feel free to contact me. Please provide the details of your project and I will provide you with an estimate.

Do you do a single portrait?

I do accept payments. Read the information below for a single portrait:

        Single Portrait         Graphite                  Pastel

              20 x 16                 $160.00                    $180.00

              22 x 16                 $170.00                    $190.00



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